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  1. MizzouTiger

    MizzouTiger New Member

    Any recommendations for these? I have an iPhone & am trying to get the best ones sorted out ahead of my holiday trips. I've heard good things about both TripIt and Kayak, though I think the first one is not free. What do you recommend? Is it worth paying for a pro version of one of the apps?
  2. krainey

    krainey New Member

    Best travel apps

    I don't have a ton of experience with it but do have a little advice—it depends on what your'e looking for the app to do. You can get free flight-tracking apps, which I have and use quite a lot, but the one I have is just for monitoring when the plane is landing, airport delays, that sort of thing.

    I think the Kayak pro app is relatively inexpensive, but in general, I try to look for free apps whenever I can. You can also try combining free apps together and see how they do. Has anyone used Yapta? That's a free app that I think is relatively new, but I've heard good things about it.
  3. howwefail

    howwefail New Member

    best travel apps for smartphones

    For travel apps I would recommend are Google Earth, Priceline Hotel Negotiator, and Yelp. Google Earth displays Google's maps and satellite photos, and provides for a range of search options and links.

    Priceline Hotel Negotiator provides small-screen access to Priceline's "name your price" opaque hotel buying system as well as to its list of hotels available at disclosed prices; while Yelp is one of the most comprehensive available compilations of restaurant reviews and information.
  4. sonalifg

    sonalifg New Member

    get CityMaps2Go for yr iPhone

    CityMaps2Go for the iPhone is just fantastic. You can download the app and install it along with the maps of the cities you plan to visit. Then you have a guide in your hand that uses your inbuilt GPS but is not dependent upon having data-roaming enabled. I do recommend it since I used it extensively throughout Europe this year.
  5. leafood34

    leafood34 New Member

    kayak app is one of the best travel apps

    I like Hipmunk for flight search, but for the iphone I prefer Kayak because it's easy to use and best of all is free. While I've always found the Kayak web site a little cumbersome, I find their app much easier to use. Everything is cleaner and simplified. It doesn't do much more than search for flights and provide your with your options, but what else do you really want?
  6. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Does your favorite website have a mobile page? It's not as cool as an app, but it might be a good way to do some travel planning on the go without having to learn something new or sign up for a new account.
  7. keralahmart

    keralahmart New Member

    its very easy you can find many application in internet i guess there are seprate portal for apple and android you can find it easily
  8. sag-alu

    sag-alu New Member

    favorite apps for smartphones

    I'd suggest "Open Table"...this one is foodie resource which finds reservations for you at nearby restaurants, plus directions to get there.
  9. marvell9

    marvell9 New Member

    My suggestion is to go with the they recently launched a userfriendly ipad app that allows travellers to search and book about 140,000 hotels around the world in a choice of more than 30 languages.Thanks alot.
  10. floverstops

    floverstops New Member

    cool travel apps for smartphones

    There are thousands of travel apps on the market, and one of my favorite ones it's a travel app called Departure Point. the reason I like it it's because it is really handy if you're a frequent traveler as it tells you what airlines fly where.
  11. feritale

    feritale New Member

    don;t buy travel apps for smartphones

    I never buy travel apps..there are plenty of free travel apps to be had such as tripadvisor, kayak, seatguru, and the weather channel.
  12. daledon3

    daledon3 New Member

    best travel app

    Google translate and all those currency converter and language translations apps are amazing. I have not been using TripAdvisor frequently so I can't decide yet if I like it or not. I think tripit is my best travel app as it keeps track of all my itineraries when I keeps track of flights and hotel as well, so it can be useful if you have a lot of flights coming up:)
  13. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    I didn't know that Google Translate was its own app...that would be awesome to have!
  14. antony

    antony New Member

    I think the travel PSILCO application on smart phone is fantastic.
  15. alanseong

    alanseong New Member

    Try "RippleAway" - Social Trip Planner/Organizer. It's on both Android and iPhone and is Free.

    You can track and easily share flight status, trip itineraries, check-ins, and locations privately with close friends and family. Also you can instantly update and connect with your loved ones via email, sms, or cross-platform push notification.
  16. alnahdaresort

    alnahdaresort New Member

    I would suggest for Kayak. Have a look on Key Features of Kayak--

    Key Features -
    - Compare flight, hotel and car rental deals
    Book your hotel, right in the app. Just choose KAYAK as your booking option
    - Track your flight status
    - View and manage your trip itinerary
    - Look up baggage fees
    - Access airline numbers and airport info
  17. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    I've used the app. It's not that much different than the website, but it does make it easy to make a reservation on the road.

    I also have used the AAA website to find deals close to me. That is nice to know about those good deals!

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