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  1. Buenos Aires is probably the most European and certainly one of the most exciting cities in South America. This beautiful and culturally rich city continues to be a wonderful combination of sleek skyscrapers, ornate friezes with turn-of-the-last-century grandeur; at once ultrachic and tumbledown, up-to-date and firmly planted in the past. Even before the financial troubles of a few years ago, there was always a spirit of malaise in B.A., as it is affectionately known locally, which may help explain the devotion to that bittersweet expression of Argentine popular culture, the tango. Performed in the streets, on stages, in cafes, the sorrowful and romantic nature of the dance is integral to the city.

    With moderate weather, Buenos Aires is great to visit all year round.

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  2. icesar

    icesar New Member

    And let's not forget the food - Argentina has some of the best meat in the world, and boy do they know how to cook it. Also, they're the 5th largest producer of wine, which is great since red wine goes so well with meat :)

    Also, the nightlife in Buenos Aires is great, especially in the summer. The people are friendly and the youth spend a lot of time going out and socializing. Dinner starts late, then people go to bars later, and they finish the evening off by dancing until the sun rises.
  3. Travel Argentina

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    Nightlife dies down a bit in the capital during January as many Porteños head off to the beach for their summer vacation, but in such a big city there is always something happening. Yes, nightlife in Bs.As. starts *very late*
  4. coolbsas

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    no! why! our nitelife don't die! I like the nitelife in summer,I love going out and enjoy the pubs and bars after 12 noon,but in winter yes buenos aires its die.
  5. ivagagio

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    Hello to all
    I like to travel and to discover the real spirit of the places i visit. I went to Argentina and Buenos Aires several time and what''s strange to me....almost all the traveller i met used to know only the same areas of Buenos Aires...I mean...very few people used to go deeper in the argentinean real life.
    I think that Buenos aires is much more than Palermo, Recolata and San Telmo. 95% of tour operators and agencies sell these areas so...when you get there you feel around the world except in Argentina :eek:) I mean...restaurants, pubs, shops...are made just for the tourists with the prices for the tourist! ;o) last year i spent 3 weeks in Recoleta...everybody talked me about it but honestelly...nothing so special except the cemetery area!... i was looking for something feel the real argentinean life and pay like argentineans!!! *So i discover Caballito!!!...*it's a great area and super safe cause the robbers prefere the most touristic areas ;o)). You feel the Real Argentina there. It's a great area and definitelly underpriced if you consider Recoleta, San Telmo and Palermo. ...and it's in the center...just 13 minutes by subte from Plaza de Mayo (I checked by my chronometer :eek:)) !...Over there I went to a great place to learn tango....2 hours of colective lessons (which is super fun) I payed 3€!!!!!...this place is called: la Catedral...I didn't find the website. Here something about Caballito: - I found also a Super pub full of nice people and good music Magno Bar : I also stayed in a Place called: Giorgio's House which is great too and super cheap if you consider what you
    Have a fun in Buenos Aires and enjoy your vacation!! :eek:)
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    Nice feedback. I agree in that Buenos Aires has much more to offer than just the well-known districts. I stayed in Palermo viejo last time i went there (dec 05). It was a good priced boutiqe hotel (Casa Bolivar) with cool room designs. I did not visit Caballito though :( ,,,,

    I also went to Iguazu falls which are just breathtachink and a must if you are in argentina. You should also do the Brazilean side of the falls.

    Next time I go to Argentina I want to explore Patagonia and Perito Moreno. If budget is good, I will do a short cruise.

    Richard Leon
  7. ivagagio

    ivagagio New Member

    I stayed at Giorgio's House Buenos Aires cause I already know Giorgio's House Italy...I mean.....when I trevel I am tourist too, of course but I prefere something different. For me it's crazy that almost all the guys I met during my travel, knew only Palermo, San Telmo and Recoleta...that's why I choosed Caballito :eek:) Anyway I did the Hiking in Patagonia in 2007. 180 Km trekking. Torres del Paine and Fitz Roy...Wow...super beautiful about Iguazu...I prefere the Argentinean Side cause you are really inside the waterfall. Next time I would like to go to Aconcagua, the highest pick of americas....I hope to be fit enough! eh eh
  8. coolbsas

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    you are right,buenos aires is the most European in america latina,as you can see the architecture and culture.
    some of sculptures were brought from Italy to buenos aires during XVIII century.
    the culture its very rich.
    and its high recommend for investors.then I am going to write an article about buenos aires.
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    I really wanted to go to this place? How much will it cost to stay there for about 3 days?
    What place must see and go?
  10. coolbsas

    coolbsas New Member

    Hi Rotsen,

    it depends...of what do you want to spend, here you can find different things to do, and about nightlife you can spend 150 or 200 pesos per night ( also depend of the club ) but only 3 days is not enough to see the city!
    if you want send me PM and we can arrange something.

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