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Discussion in 'Brazil' started by wallyowl, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. wallyowl

    wallyowl New Member

    I am planning to book a trip to Brazil and will be flying to Sao Paulo and want to go from there to Rio and then back to the U K. Is there a train link between the two cities and how can I find information about it?
    Can anyone let me know. Thanks
  2. d360

    d360 Administrator

    Its about 300 miles Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro . You'll will spend at least 8 hours on a bus. There are several flights from GRU to GIG for a little over 100 reais (around 60 usd). It's worth the extra money unless you are wanting to see the countryside and small towns.
  3. patrik609

    patrik609 New Member

    Yeah flights might be your best bet. Look for Gol airlines - super cheap on RIO - Sao Paulo, Rio - Salvador, cheaper than bus, somethines:))))))
  4. d360

    d360 Administrator

    Or try using the "build your trip" flight comparsion tool it will search multiple websites and get you the best price.
  5. umafight

    umafight New Member

    hey guys, I have a question about buses from Sao Paulo to Rio. Do I have to buy bus tickets in advance?, How much is a ticket from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro?
  6. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    A ticket from Sao Paulo to Rio is about $R80 (about $30).The terminal is Tiete (Terminal Rodoviário do Tietê), and you only have to buy it in advance if it's a holiday.

    By the way, if I were you I'd catch a flight. It's much safer to get a commuter flight, and it only takes 35 minutes and costs about $85.
  7. smallbig

    smallbig New Member

    best way to get from sao paulo to rio

    for me the best way to get from Sao Paulo to Rio is by plane as it only takes 50 minutes, though it's most expensive way for sure as it costs something like $220 round trip ticket. If you have about 8 hours to spend on a bus, then the bus is the cheapest option costing about $120 (around 200 Brazil reais ) for a round-trip ticket.
  8. andreslens

    andreslens New Member

    Hi! Sao Paulo is not close to Rio de Janeiro. Is very far away, in fact! There are no train, either. So you can and drive the 420 kilometers that are between the 2 cities (4 or 5 hours) or better, improve you time and take and you get there in 1 hour. I definitly recommend you the flight, because Brazil is so great that you will want to see everything and take a lot of pictures. Regards and have a nice trip!
  9. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    how to get from Rio to Sao Paulo

    It does sound like a quick flight is the best answer on how to get from Rio to Sao Paulo. Although, a bus trip would give you the chance to see the scenery and maybe meet some of the locals.
  10. boingboing

    boingboing New Member

    driving from sao paulo to rio

    i've driven from Rio to Sao Paulo, though I wouldn't recommended as it takes ages to drive out and drive into each city centre (It took us about an 50 minutes to drive the last 9 miles).

    Having said this, it's still worth doing at least once just for the scenery, which is absolutely amazing. Btw, do plan accordingly cos it isn't an easy or quick'll take you a full day either way.

    Also, the highway between Rio and Sao Paolo is good but the signage is poor so you can easily miss the exits. Avoid the back roads as they aren't very good.
  11. gabdegale

    gabdegale New Member

    bus is cheapest between Sao Paulo and Rio

    bus has to be the best way to travel in Brazil and if you're on a budget it'll be the cheapest way. Also, on a bus you will get to see a good part of the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio as well as nice country side on the trip.

    There are three types of buses: normal bus with AC, Executive bus, and bed bus, The last one (bed bus) is the most expensive option costing $50 while the normal bus will cost $30.
  12. djluck

    djluck New Member

    driving in Brazil is dangerous

    I agree taking the bus will be cheaper than flying, renting a car, or hiring a taxi drive to take you, an the 10 hour drive is just way too much when you're supposed to be on vacation.

    By the way, locals will tell you that driving in Brazil (particularly night driving) is dangerous and even more a hustle for a foreigner for a lot of reasons such as the fact that you will need your license translation in Portuguese. Of course, you can drive with a US valid drivers license but if you are pulled over by the cops they will sweat you out some of your dollars.
  13. cancunhol

    cancunhol New Member

    best to fly between Sao Paulo and Rio

    I have to agree that 8 hours on a bus wouldn't be my idea of a holiday, especially in Brazil. I'd recommend that you take the plane as domestic airlines in Brazil aren't that expensive nowadays. Both Tam and Gol are the top two airlines offering cheap flights between Sao Paulo and Rio.

    Also, remember that there are 2 airports at both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro - an international and a domestic airport in each case , so don't get it worn:)
  14. gestapo

    gestapo New Member

    public transportation in Rio is great

    If you are staying in Rio don't bother with renting a car. The public transportation in Rio is great and varied so you can use buses, trains and subways. Taking the subway is the safest and fastest way of getting around in Rio at night. In fact, locals use it everyday to go from one place to another so that alone tells you something.

    I agree that travelling by bus around Rio is a good option during the day but don't ever use it at night, nor use unmarked taxis at night. Rio taxis are yellow colored and can be hailed on the streets, but make sure it's a legitimate one.
  15. casandraM

    casandraM New Member

    driving is crazy in Sao Paulo

    I wouldn't suggest hiring a car the minute you land in Sao Paulo as getting around by car in Sampa can be quite scary even if you’re in the passenger seat! If you’ve ever driven Italy, imagine that times's that bad over there.

    People drive crazy fast and overtaking can be quite unpredictable, though nothing compares to the suicidal men on mopeds who zip in and out between the cars...not surprisingly I found out that on average 5 bikers die everyday Sao Paulo.
  16. mjonason

    mjonason New Member

    drive to Rio de Janeiro

    As others have said, you'll be taking your chances driving in Brazil, so I would not recommend driving in Brazil for a first-time, especially if you're a non-Portuguese speaker. You're better off catching one of the many buses going to Rio. If you want to drive to Rio de Janeiro from Sao Paulo you will have to follow one of these 2 higways:

    1. Rodovia Presidente Dutra or the Dutra Highway-BR-116 which goes straight to Rio
    2. Rodovia Ayrton Senna-SP-070- which goes to Rio via Moji das Cruzes and also might have access to the Litoral Norte
  17. hDready

    hDready New Member

    flying is the way to go in Brazil

    I'd also recommend flying, especially since GOL is having a promotion for $49, though you have to book now online. I'd definitely not recommend anyone renting a car to travel to/ from Sao Paulo and Rio as it's extremely challenging if you are not used to the roads, signs, driving habits, etc. It's also a waste of hours on the road when you can be in either city in just an hour.

  18. forti6

    forti6 New Member

    driving in Brazil can be fun

    If you're into adventurous driving, Sao Paulo and Rio have definitely a lot of action, though it's not for the faint of heart. On my last trip to Brazil, I decided to rent a car to drive to Sao Paulo I have had the pleasure of experiencing the "controlled" chaos everyone refers to.

    If have not experienced "controlled" traffic chaos before here are some tips to keep in mind:

    1)Watch out for bikes. They're everywhere and they zig-zag around cars like mad maniacs.
    2) Don't use your cell phone while driving
    3) Dont run the red lights. It is true that you're allowed to run the red lights and locals do, but if you dont know the streets, you'll be crazy to do dont!
    4)Watch out for drivers, especially at night.
    5)Keep your doors locked at all times and keep your eyes open.

    Happy drivings!

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