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Discussion in 'Australia' started by Christopher11, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. Christopher11

    Christopher11 New Member

    Hello! I will be heading to Australia in September of this year on a work and holiday visa. I will be off of my parents insurance a month before leaving and wondering if anyone can recommend a good travel health insurance? I do not want to get caught without insurance given my history of health issues.
  2. Kamilion23

    Kamilion23 New Member

    A good travel insurance will include flight cancellation, medical care, evacuation, missing baggage, and flight insurance. As you say you have specific health concerns, you may want to consult with a travel insurance broker to be sure your health concerns can be added to cover specific concerns.

  3. fderex

    fderex New Member

    whichever you go for ask a lot of questions, and always read the fine print to see what’s covered. Travel insurance that covers trips, tours, etc cancellations is a good one especially if you're paying out a lot of up-front money for an organized tour which is expensive to cancel.

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