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Discussion in 'Egypt' started by funktytraveller, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. funktytraveller

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    Hey everyone,
    I'm an avid traveller and have been interested in seeing new and exciting places. I've broadened by search to the Middle East and Asia and so far have visited Egypt, Israel, Thailand and Japan.
    I use Mosaic Holidays because I trust them and their packages are literally amazing.. but I'm stuck now that it comes to planning my next trip.

    I am trying to decide between Jordan or The Maldives.

    Since I am new here I'm not allowed to post links but if you visit the Mosaic Website and take a look at the areas and hotels Mosaic offer for the two destinations maybe you can give me some advice as I have no idea about locations. Basically see if you know the areas and give me some tips and advice on which one to pick. Please don't tell me to use Thompson because I have and never again!

    I basically have 2 weeks before I need to decide.
    Hope you can help!
  2. talesofthe

    talesofthe New Member

    Jordan or the Maldives? it's very easy to choose. Do you want a beach vacation in an exotic locale? if not, go to Jordan. Jordan isn't very different to Egypt or Israel and has lots of history and fantastic ruins you can see. Saying this, I'd probably advise going to the Maldives since Jordan may suffer unrest very soon because of the US military presence in the country.

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