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Discussion in 'Algeria' started by wendie67, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Anyone wondering about traveling to Algeria should know that it's safe to travel there now, even with the current situation in Mali with European troops deployed there. Saying this, traveling tpo Algeria isn't as straight forward as places like Dubai. You need to get a visa before arrival and have proof of hotel reservation.

    The other major thing to remember is that US dollars aren't king. You can exchange US dollars, pound sterling and euros to the local currency (Algeria Dinar). You'll want to exchange money in Algiers but dont do in the streets because it's illeagal (you'll get in trouble)
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    I would remind people that Algeria isn't like Dubai.. Algerians are very genuinely welcoming people so expect a lot of local greetings. Also, remember to remove your shoes when visiting a home or mosque, and dress conservatively especially if you're a woman.
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    One thing I would say is not to take pictures of government buildings and the will land you in prison (I should know this b/c it happened to me) until they work out you're a tourist and not a spy. Also, If you decide to cross the Sahara desert by car, make sure, that it is a good one, that you have plenty of water with you to survive in case of a breakdown.

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