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Discussion in 'Czech Republic' started by melving&ricki, Aug 19, 2009.

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    can you give some travel tips and things to look out for when we're in Czech Republic? many thanks
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    hi there,

    Here it is a few of tips:

    - Czech Republic is a fantastic place to be. The beer is cheap and the food is great but do watch out for the baroque sellers trying to sell tickets to the opera.

    - Also, watch out for people asking if you need accommodation when you're in Czech Republic as some tourists have complained of things going missing in those accommodations.

    - Be aware when standing at rail stations with your luggage unattended as people report individuals taking off with your luggage.
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    the main thing I would advice to first time travelers to Czech Rep is to avoid getting the Eurail pass. It is a waste of money since there are no journeys that you could feasibly take that would justify the cost of this expensive pass. For instance, you can easily and cheaply get to Nuremburg from Prague by bus for only €19.
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    things to know about Czech Republic

    One thing to be aware of in Czech Republic (and Europe for the matter) is tipping. In the Czech Republic, people expect foreigners to tip for everything. Dont be surprised to see locals not tipping and the waiter looking at you with a blank stare when you aren't tipping. Another thing to be aware of is Credit cards and Traveler's cheques. They aren't widely used all over the country aside from Prague and other major cities.

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