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Discussion in 'Antarctica' started by jimmymo, May 12, 2010.

  1. jimmymo

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    hi guys,

    I know it may sound as a silly question but is there a good time to travel to Antarctica and what kind of things to people do there?
  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    First of all, be aware that Antarctica is in the southern hemisphere so seasons are inverted. The summer months (November through March) are also the only time to visit Antarctica as winter is almost impossible due to the harsh weather.

    Also, while it does warm up during summer in Antarctica, you shouldn't necessarily pack your bathing suit, as lows can still get near zero, so bring warm clothes.

    Things to do in Antarctica include plenty of wildlife viewing and outdoor pursuits such as trekking and climbing. December and January are the best months for spotting wildlife and you can catch glimpses of whales as well.
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    I think that Antarctica Peninsula is the best place to travel to Antarctica. This is the area of ships and its regarded as one of the beautiful place on the entire earth.
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    going to Antarctica

    anytime you can make it to Antarctica is a good time. The place is pretty inhospitable anyways so it doesn matter much when you travel. It's not like you will find sunny beach weather if you travel during the warm months. The thing you want to think about is how you want to go there.

    A 15-day cruise is probably the cheapest option (around $5,000/person) to see and visit Antarctica, though it wont be half as enjoyable as booking a tailored expedition (around $50,000) that can include ground treks to the South Pole.
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    Antarctica travel season

    The main thing people do in Antarctica is go for treks and explore the wildlife. Antarctica is one of the world's last frontiers and there's place not quite like it. Having said this, there's a price tag associated to pay for traveling to Antarctica, which is usually around US$4000 per person. As far as when to go...Antarctica travel season is Nov and Mar but if you go early in the in the season, you will find better last minute deals.

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