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    Hi, For someone who is traveling to Balkans there are a lot of things to be mentioned as a guide to a grate travel experience. First of all, I think that the politics of the region is something to be left out of the experience, as it is so difficult to understand where the truth lies and not offend someone along the way. If traveling through Balkans, you will notice that different nationalities living in neighboring countries are not so different at all. They share so much history and their looks, customs, food and other are very similar. It is important to be open minded when going to places like Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia etc, as there are so many ways to enjoy your stay just by avoiding prejudice. People are welcoming, food is grate, nightlife vivid, and culture very colorful and rich. If you would like to read a travel journal written by Iranian American that spent three months in the Balkans, and learn about people that live there, current political and economic situation in the Balkans and the world, you should look up The Age of Nepotism, a book by Vahid Razavi.
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    The Balkans takes its name from the Balkan Mountains, which run through the centre of Bulgaria into eastern Serbia and has a population of about 55 million people.

    Balkan is an old Turkish word meaning "a chain of wooded mountains". However, due to the connotations of the term 'Balkan', many people prefer the term Southeastern Europe instead.

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    Interesting information, tnx for that !

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