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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Nowayin, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Nowayin

    Nowayin New Member

    Hi, we want travel to Canada from Australia with my two best friends and we'd love visit Jasper, Banff national parks and drive through the Canadian Rockies. Is it best to visit Canada in the summer, spring, etc?

    we're coming from the southern hemisphere so seasons are inverted here...either way, what brings us to that part of Canada is the scenery and hiking opportunities. What kind of car do you recommend we hire and are all rental cars automatic? how difficult it can be for the first time driver to drive in Canada?

    Thanks;) sorry for all the questions
  2. CarlGhio

    CarlGhio New Member

    driving in Canada

    You may find issue driving in Canada because Canadians drive on the right of the road (left-hand-drive) and you guys in Australia drive on the left. Saying this, I don't think you will find it very hard at all to adapt if you give it 2-3 just means more concentration on your part when using the indicators. Regarding rental cars, most of them are automatic but if you want to drive a manual there, I am sure you can find one.
  3. queengurads

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    LOL, I hate it when having to drive on the wrong side of the road! Like the last poster said make sure you give it a few days to get used driving on the "wright side of the road" or you could find yourself in big trouble. Weather-wise, it's winter season in Canada so not such a good idea traveling now because of the snow. Best you leave it for late May/April when weather is warm.
  4. Pepperzzine

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    Drive in Canada the Right Way

    All I can say is to prepare yourself for surprises the first time you drive in Canada like the fact that Canadians drive in kilometres instead of miles and sell gas in litres, which is quite annoying when you try to work out your MPG.
  5. EllaTorres

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    Undoubtedly visiting Canada in summer is good idea. In winters the weather here in Canada is very very cold. So better to visit in summer.
  6. karlinlee

    karlinlee New Member

    Jasper and Banff national parks are very beautiful places located in the province of Alberta. You might get a little bit of problem in driving as you are not used to right hand drive. You can pick any car to drive. But, that was a summer season and the sights were awesome, so I suggest you to visit Canada in summer season as in winter most of area would be covered with snow.

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