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Discussion in 'China' started by lelanie, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. lelanie

    lelanie New Member

    Hi Everyone. I am an artist looking for somewhere or someone to teach me learn Chinese Mandarin. I am not so interested in a two hour tourist class, but would rather devote a couple weeks to learning the basics.
  2. Ben Silkroadtrips

    Ben Silkroadtrips New Member

    I can help you about it, it is easy. Please contact me.
  3. JenniferB

    JenniferB New Member

    It definitely requires some hard work to learn Chinese. I am not sure where you are located, but you might also want to give the Pimsleur tapes a try. I used them together with some class room training and think the results have been surprisingly good.
  4. brawnmonda

    brawnmonda New Member

    In short, Chinese mandarin has a standard Chinese-speaking pattern. When someone speaks in mandarin, almost the overall Chinese-speaking audience can understand. In fact, Chinese language could be spoken in numerous kind of pattern by residents of different areas. We can call them language such as Chinese-Cantonese, east-south-Chinese and Beijing-Chinese and so on.
  5. ahana2607

    ahana2607 New Member

    Best Places to travel in China are The Great Wall of China - Beijing, Xi'an, The Bund in Shanghai, The Li River in Guilin, Victoria Harbour in Hong-Kong, The Yellow Mountains in Hangzhou, Huangshan, The Potala Palace in Lhasa, Suzhou, The Forbidden City in Beijing, Giant Pandas in Chengdu - National Treasure of china, West Lake in Hangzhou and many more.

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