Travel to Cuba Hasn't Changed

Discussion in 'Cuba' started by 4amigos, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. 4amigos

    4amigos New Member

    I was just reading on the New York times that tourism to Cuba will still be illegal, so I'm quite confused as to what actually has changed. I thought they opened up a Cuban embassy to normalize relations but if tourism is still illegal, what's the point? Can anyone else shade more into travel to Cuba?
  2. VacationBuddy

    VacationBuddy Administrator

    For what I gather there are not regular commercial flights available right now between the United States and Cuba, only expensive charter flights from airports in Florida, New York, California and New Orleans. Best bet though, it's to fly through a third country, such as Mexico, Panama, Grand Cayman or Canada as it will be less expensive and more convenient than taking charter flights.

  3. juancarlosII

    juancarlosII New Member

    Travel to Cuba is easier but the OP is right because tourism there is still technically illegal. Basically, one can travel to Cuba other than for tourism. The whole thing sounds as if it's purposely orchestrated to be confusing.

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