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Discussion in 'Florida' started by wcptraveler, Aug 16, 2006.

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    I hear that the drive down to Key West from Florida,as opposed to flying, is well worth it. Anyone got any recommendations? Fly? Drive? Other?
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    Well it depends on where you drive from. I suggest flying into Miami and driving from there. You'll get to see all of the keys because Key West is the last of the islands. Also if you really want a view try driving as the sun comes up in the morning. There will be no traffic, it won't be too hot and the sun against the water is beautiful. The thing is once you're there you won't have to drive your car because everything in Key West is walkable including all the night life. The only place you would probably drive to is the beach but good luck with parking. You can always rent a bike or a moped.

    Here's a picture of the road to Key West

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    Drive! Drive! Drive! If you've got the time, Drive! Spend a few days in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale if you can. Like mgervaci said, the morning might be the best time to go. You wouldn't want to get caught up in a hot car for more than 2 hours. Definitely make some stops along the way and don't forget about the toll booths. So make sure you have change.

    Helpful Hint: The highway patrol are always monitoring with their radars so be on the lookout and drive safe!
  4. The Travel Slut

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    Driving vs. flying--they both have their merits. Ideally, I'd drive one way and fly the other. There is so much to see in 120 miles of the Keys from 7 mile bridge to quaint shops and eclectic restaurants and pubs along the way that driving would seem to be an obvious choice, however---flying over the waters on a clear day would give you a perspective of the Keys that few actually see and observing our only living reef from the air is a treat.

    The Florida Keys are unique to North America and certainly unique in America.

    Being on or near the aqua-colored water is a great feeling and one that should be experienced by anyone that visits the Keys. Whether you scuba, snorkel, swim, float, fish or boat---it is all good. The shops & sights along the highway are interesting enough, but until you actually get on OR in the water, you have not truly and fully experienced the Florida Keys.

    I have dozens of great memories from the countless Keys trips I have taken the past 15 years.

    Enjoying a Florida Keys sunset with a tropical drink (or margarita) in hand , feeding the tarpon at Robbie's, savoring a fresh-catch seafood meal, or snorkeling/diving the many coral reefs or wrecks all create, and then later bring back, great memories.

    If you go, here are a few of THE TRAVEL SLUT TIPS:

    If you are a motorcycle buff, your 1st stop in Key Largo should be M.D. Custom Cycles, Inc. @ 102670 Overseas Hwy. (Highway 1 @ MM 102 & Bayside) & 305-451-3606 . They are very friendly, helpful and have great rental rates on Harley Davidson's plus a nice selection of Florida Keys attire.

    Another must-see is Robbie’s of Islamorada (MM 77.5) 77500 Overseas Hwy. @ 305-664-8498 & . Experience the “rush†of feeding HUGE tarpon from the dock. Dock entrance is $2.00 per person & a bucket of fish is $2.00. Be forewarned though-the tarpon can jump and they can bite (so do the resident pelicans).
    You can also enjoy a hearty breakfast or lunch @ Robbie's. I ordered a fantastic eggs benedict brunch on a trip this past summer.

    Statues, sculptures, and monuments are scattered throughout the shoulders and easements along Hwy. 1 and have been for years. These icons though, from what I have been told, are being phased out through the purchase of existing land and buildings. Huge replicas of lobster, tropical fish, dolphins, mermaids, and even a life-size zebra can be seen during an Upper Keys road trip. There are plenty of photo opportunities and take advantage of them like I have been doing recently as they may be gone on your next trip.

    The Upper Keys have too many attractions to list including the Theater of the Sea (MM 84.5) @ 305-664-2431 & and Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park (MM 102.5). There are many fine restaurants (Lazy Days MM 79.8) and Morada Bay (MM 81.6) plus dolphin encounters and great scuba diving/snorkeling. Be sure to pick up free Great Locations & See Florida Keys guidebooks for info & coupons at any of the visitor information stations along Highway 1 (the Overseas Highway).

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    Hi TS,

    So do the Tarpon jump out of the water to grab that little fish from your hand? I'd be curious to hear how many people have been nipped by those monsters...

    What I wouln't give to be in sunny florida after several weeks of Seattle rain, then we just got through a week of snow and ice. Sure makes you appreciate the summer and warm climates!
  6. The Travel Slut

    The Travel Slut 6 continents, 87 countries & 64 cruises so far

    Yes, the tarpon jump. Not very high due to their size and weight but they are EXTREMELY fast and agile and when they suspect food is nearby, they go into a frenzy and the water "boils".

    I have seen heard some yelps and screams as people dangle over the pier edge holding food for the tarpon and the smart folks do drop the food before the little jaws come out the of the water. I have no doubt that there's been some accidental bites over the years.

    And yes, after watching a little of Seattle's Monday Night Football's game against Green Bay with all the snow and wind, it made me feel glad I'd moved here from out west. :)

    The Travel Slut

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    I used to live in Big Pine Key, now Tampa...I make the trip all the time, usually driving. But if you can get a good price on a flight, fly it. The traffic can be really bad, due to the various parts that go down to single lanes each way. Plus all the trucks pulling boats, slows it down. And when you get to Key West, you don't need a a scooter. I would vote for fly!
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    In my opinion, if you have the time, travel to Key West by car is well worth the time. It is a beautiful scenic drive through cities along the way such as Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, and Big Pine Key each offering accommodations, restaurants, and places for boating, swimming, fishing, and snorkeling or scuba diving. You’ll travel along the very long new bridge spanning the Gulf. The original bridge was a two-lane structure and was a real adventure to travel across especially during inclement weather. Once you arrive in Key West, it’s like stepping back in time. The city has a casual, laid-back atmosphere, plenty of restaurants and bars, motels and hotels, and the famous Hemmingway House. For me, driving allows you to see and experience much more of the area versus a quick flight where you miss the entire local flavor.
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    Drive, definitely drive!! Most people don't really think they have the time, and lots of times, they probably don't, but if you can do it, jump in the car and cruise down the Overseas Highway for one of the most beautiful drives of your life. The drive is the whole thing...once you get there, there are a ton of things to do, but the drive is most definitely half of the experience. You wouldn't want to take away from gorgeous sites to be had on the extensive drive down to Key West, for sure, and go to some of the stops on the way. If you have time, take it all in. That's what it's all about!
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