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Discussion in 'Malaysia' started by briantan, Jul 16, 2012.

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    Hi everyone! What are peoples recommendations for a day trip from Singapore to Melaka? Mainly interested in architecture and sights. We are a family of three and will be traveling from Singapore to Melaka in September. I am trying to figure out Would it be better to take a bus or a train? Where can we buy the tickets, Would it be better to travel by day or night? Any help would be really welcome.
    Thanks Please do share your expertise !
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    day trip from Singapore to Melaka

    how long you're planning to be in Singapore? If you can afford it i would suggest taking a private tour (cost between $100 and $400 +/pp). Alternatively, I suggest you take a bus from Singapore to Malacca and spend the night in Malacca. Buses depart from the Golden Mile Complex (Singapore, 5001, Beach Road) at 11.30 am and cost around SGD$ 20.
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    You should definitely travel to Malaysia. You'll love the environment, people, culture, and especially FOODS! If you need some guide for your transportation visit for train schedules, bus schedules and taxis in Malaysia.

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