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Discussion in 'Maldives' started by jeremyclarkson, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. jeremyclarkson

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    I've always wanted to take my girlfriend to the Maldives for a romantic getaway. Is it very expensive there? I always thought that the Maldives was for the very rich!:) what's the cuisine and locals like? any ideas?
  2. Ruby

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    It is true that the Maldives is popular with the rich but in today's economic climate, you can find many bargains to the Maldives. In fact, the summer is the best time to find many cheap flights to the islands because of the European summer season.

    Augusts is a perfect time to find many deals. For instance, many tour operators already give deals but look for "buy 7 days, get 3 free" deals - ask your travel agent for this.

    In the Maldives, you will encounter a variety of cultural influences such as African influences in music, and south Asian influences in foods.

    English is spoken widely across the islands, and in the resorts, the staff is also known to speak German, French, and Italian. The US dollar is accepted in many of the resorts as well.
  3. holidayguy

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    I had my sister travel to Maldives. The place is very cozy and peaceful. Food is awsome. The natives are friendly ..they are mostly of Islamic faith.
  4. holidayguy

    holidayguy New Member

    My sis had been there for honeymoon and her feedback is - awesome! the food, the locals, the place, just everything.
  5. jazz90

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    I have question of similar type to Jeremy but I am more interested in knowing about the budget that could be good for the trip to Maldives? I would like to know minimum figure in USD from anyone who have experienced the place.
  6. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    I thought that the Maldives were kind of expensive too. The flights are not going to be cheap from the US, but you could probably find a resort for $200 or $300 a night. Plus, you'll need some money for food and entertainment. I searched for a flight from the Destination360 page and found a flight from Washington, D.C. for $1800. It was twice that from my home airport in Michigan. So, I'm going to ballpark $5000 unless you can find a packaged deal.

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