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Discussion in 'Spain' started by andy, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. andy

    andy New Member

    I like travel very much. Especially, after longtime of work and much pressure, travelling abroad and experiencing a dazzling and unique natural environment is a good idea. I’ve been to Germany, Italy and Australia. But,I’ve never been to Spain, I’ve known a lot about Spain from books, if I can experience it myself, it must be unforgettable memories. So this time, I am planning to go tocosta del sol and costa brava which are wonderful resorts for vacation and leisure in Spain. costa del sol is known for it's a lot of beaches and costa brava has beautiful scenery and sports center. I’ve consulted the travel agent, those two trip resorts provide comfortable hotels with excellent service and delicious food. I like them very much. Are there any suggestions you can provide for me? Thanks.
  2. nieves22

    nieves22 New Member

    Hi andy.
    I'm nieves22 from Barcelona.

    From Costa Brava you can visit Barcelona or Girona. And also there are small beautiful towns in the coast.
    From Costa del Sol, you can go Malaga, Granada, or Sevilla etc...

    What kind of things do you like?
    Outdoor sports? Music? or Museums?
  3. Glynnis

    Glynnis New Member

    Barcelona and Madrid are both great cities. I feel very lucky to have spent a lot of time in Spain. Some other cities to visit: Salamanca, near Portugual, has beautiful architecture. The Basque country, too. San Sebastian is possibly the most beautiful city in the region, but Bilbao is worth visiting for the Guggenheim museum and old town, and the little seaside village of Hondarabbia. Outside Madrid are towns like Segovia, Toledo, and Avila, Toledo is probably the most famous. And Andalucia in the south, Grenada for the Alhambra, and Cordoba is very charming. Seville is very touristic but the old quarter is fantastic and you have to visit the bull ring for a tour!
    The Lonely Planet guide books are always an excellent source of info and they tend to be honest, too—some guidebooks manage to find charm everywhere, but LP tells it like it is, so you don't waste time or money. As for taking the train, I found buses to actually be better. They are quite cheap and reasonably comfortable. A friend and I took the bus from Madrid to Grenada, and then travelled by bus all over Andalucia, and it was fine.
    Missed the Picasso museum in Barcelona! I spent too much time in the old town...
  4. nieves22

    nieves22 New Member

    Hi Glynnis.

    Yes, Salamanca is beautiful, and the city next to Salamanca, Leon is very beautiful
    with so many magnificient old buildings.

    Did you miss he Picasso museum?
    Oooh.... no.... In front of that museum, there is a textile museum.
    The cafeteria is very nice. I reccommend you for the next time. :)
  5. manuelrodriguez

    manuelrodriguez New Member

    Your right. I've heard that they have great offers. Isn't it?
  6. Ivy

    Ivy New Member

    Barcelona is very nice, most beautiful city that I ever seen in my life... :)
  7. diana_mae

    diana_mae New Member

    You're right. An interesting site....

    I am new..
  8. leonardo

    leonardo New Member

    For me Spain has so many things to offer and as a tourist one cant get enough of them. Personally I love touring and Spain has been one of my favorite destinations and I may have lost count how many times I have been to the various cities there. It must have cast a spell on me else why do I feel the urge to return there again and again? I love it anyway though.

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