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    I feel travel has become a large part of life. Many people rely on travel for their business, other people travel for pleasure, and enjoy it above other forms of recreation.There are lots of things you can do, meeting people relaxing near pools and enjoying nature’s beauty. Some offer spa and other refreshments to keep you relaxed and stress free. The biggest mistake a person could think is that he or she will not feel comfortable. The reason he/she tries to evade from cruising is that may feel they cannot adjust with others people.
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    awtz i think your right dude ^_^ i am totally agree with you if i had a lot of money? i would also try it too to experience it and have fun and relax. ^_^
  3. The Travel Slut

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    Well, keep on is like an addiction. I'm just back from my 51st or 52nd cruise...have done 70+ countries and 5 continents...and I'm just getting started.


    Ann, TS :)
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    Cruise Lines

    Have you heard of any exciting cruise lines? I am looking for excursions from the cruise to a lot of exotic places. Can you help me out?
  5. The Travel Slut

    The Travel Slut 6 continents, 87 countries & 64 cruises so far

    Kevin..there are literally 100's of cruise deciding on what you really want and what your budget can afford is critical.

    Some factors and considerations for cruising:

    How do you choose a cruiseline?

    It can be difficult to answer although fortunately you will have plenty of choices. As a veteran of over 50 cruises, I can tell you that cruiseships, cruiselines and cruise destinations are as varied as the passengers who board them.

    All cruiselines have deals and all claim fun (perhaps some, like Silversea are lacking deals and don't tout fun as much as luxury).

    As for a "couples" cruise ship, I am not aware of any exclusive ship devoted just to couples but Celebrity has several “Celebrity Escape†adults-only (over 21) sailings.

    Questions to ask before you cruise:

    What can you afford to spend per person? Cruises are all-inclusive to some degree (cabin, meals plus on-board entertainment) but bar drinks, sodas, spa services, and shore excursions are extra. Some upper end cruises are truly "all-inclusive" however.

    How many days can you afford to get away? Cruises range from 2-day "cruises to nowhere" to 120-day around-the world voyages. Most are in 4, 5, 7 to 10 or 11 day intineraies however.

    Where do you want to cruise to? Cruises go to every continent. American 1st time cruise passengers enjoy cruising to the Caribbean Islands, Bahamas, Alaska, Hawaii or Bermuda.

    Do you mind flying to where you embark or do you only want to drive to the closest port? Many people live within driving distance of a port and this can save you money.

    What kind of cabin will you be comfortable in? Inside cabins are cheapest but are windowless and may seem cramped (although use of mirrors can create the illusion of more space). Many ships feature balcony cabins which are both romantic and handy.

    Do you want to meet lots of new people or would you rather keep yourselves? Some cruise ships have fixed seating at dinner time, some have alternative or anytime dining and some only have a few tables for two. Most people sit at large tables with other cruisers. If that doesn't appeal to you then look for cruise ships that offer flexible dining options.

    Do you want to get dressed up or do you prefer to be casual? For casual, don't choose a cruise that has any or many formal nights although on formal nights, you can always eat at an alternative restaurant or in your room.

    Are you considering getting married on board or having a special occasion? Most ships contain small wedding chapels and meeting rooms. Some cruiselines many allow onboard weddings taking place in the couple's home port, with guests disembarking before the ship sails but this is rare.

    Is having an on-board spa important?

    Is having children's facilities important?

    Is having a casino important?

    These are just a few to consider.

    Regardless of your choices, you will be right in your decision and if not, you have the option to change.

    TS :)
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    I agree with you particularly because I love to travel to distant places. At the same time it is also undeniably true that it makes quite a considerable hole in your pocket. :)
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    Many people rely on travel for their business, other people travel for pleasure, and enjoy it above other forms of recreation.
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    I liked traveling a lot. I really agree with you suggestion. We can travel around the world and can have fun. Last time I went for cruising in Sydney Harbour on Magistic Cruises .I was alone when I went for cruising , but it was really a good experience .Efficiency and professionalism of the cast and crew is very commendable.
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    Travel helps to gain more knowledge and experience about various country people and their life style.
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    Traveling really helps you to know more about the culture of other countries..It is a fun and exciting and educational way to see different beautiful scenery each time

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