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  1. leejiah

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    Hi. I like Mississippi the most. I hope to visit The US one day.
  2. mitraveler

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    It would be a great place for a visit, leejiah. You have so many cool places to see in Mississippi...including the birthplace of Elvis Presely in the north and some amazing beaches in the south. And you also have Jackson, which is an exciting city.
  3. zara12

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    where to go in Mississippi

    Mississippi is a great state to explore by car as it has good highways so you can travel it pretty quickly and see many towns in one day. Besides seeing the the birthplace of Elvis Presley you may want to check out Delta towns such as Greenwood and Oxford which still boast a very 50's atmosphere with great food, live music, and cute little shops.
  4. mitraveler

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    Corinth is another cool town in is really big in civil war history. It's doing a lot of special events for the 150th anniversary of the battle of Shiloh and Corinth. I'll have to dig up some details and post them soon.
  5. camposramo

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    cool places to go and visit in Mississippi

    here it's some of my favorite spots in Mississippi:

    1. Natchez Trace Parkway
    2. Jackson near Pearl River
    3. The Walter Anderson Museum in Ocean Springs
    4. The Old Capitol Museum in Jackson
    5. The Vicksburg National Military Park

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