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Discussion in 'Belarus' started by loadingBord, May 22, 2013.

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    Not many people are aware but the easiest way to get from Minsk to Vilnius and back is on the Lithuanian railway fast train which only takes 3 hours. Here it's the departure times:

    Departure from MInsk at 7:45. Arrival in Vilnius at 10:45.

    Departure from MInsk at 18:49. Arrival in Vilnius at 21:49.

    Departure from Vilnius at 7:05. Arrival in MInsk at 10:05.

    Departure from Vilnius at 19:05. Arrival in MInsk at 22:05.

    The cost as usual should be around 14-20 euro depending on where you but it and on the class of compartment. Also, you will need a visa to travel in Belarus
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    by bus is about 120,000 rubles ($38) for a one-way ticket, while the train is about $56. You can also go by car, which is nice but not worth it because it you will stand in a queue at the border for a minimum of 8 hours!!
  3. loadingBord

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    Buses all the way!!! they're cheap and have nice modern conveniences. Best of all, at the border there is a special line for the buses so you won't be delayed by the car queues. Buses from Vilnius to Minsk are fairly regular, every 2 hours or so.
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    I remember my trip to Vilnius from Romania like it was yesterday. I did it with a few friends by car through Poland and Belarus. It was a great trip but next time I wouldn't bother going the main road via Belarus because of all the delays and visa inconvenience. You need a regular visa, which you can't buy at the border.

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