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Discussion in 'Spain' started by vonneclouie, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. vonneclouie

    vonneclouie New Member

    I am wondering due to the variety of things that Spain could offer, which is the best place I could make my vacation worthy. I love having adventures and bars...Would someone suggest where could be the best one?.... Help me out!!!!
  2. magnusiax

    magnusiax New Member

    Spain has lot to offer it depends to you, if you like to party you can try Ibiza the best party beaches in southern Europe, Madrid is good for nightlife also, Cadiz beach if you want some peace and not touristy. So many places to go its up to you to choose. Have fun...
  3. Spaniola

    Spaniola New Member

    Granada is a great city and offers skiing nearby too. As there is a university there it's a young city with lively nightlife and of course it has the fantastic Alhambra which everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.

    Out of the summer season Seville is also a must visit as is Barcelona for its Gaudi presence. Wherever you go you'll fall in love with Spain.
  4. s3rg10

    s3rg10 New Member

    I recommend you to visit either Andalucia or the north of the Basque country.
    In Andalucia don't miss the Tapas in Granada and if you go to the Basque country, Bilbao will delight you.

  5. vonneclouie

    vonneclouie New Member

    thanks............. I am also considering the weather............ wherein winter could still be fine at all times..........
    thanks in advance,,,,,,,,,, any input would be appreciated...........
  6. ruthlopez22

    ruthlopez22 New Member

    Its a very good idea you have dear.
  7. Spaniola

    Spaniola New Member

    Winter in inland Spain can be very cold. The coastal areas and the Mediterranean coasts are usually mild with sunshine - but nothing can be guaranteed!

    This winter in Andalucia it's colder and wetter than I remember it.

  8. ruthlopez22

    ruthlopez22 New Member

    Thanking you......!!!
  9. Spaniola

    Spaniola New Member

    See these page for more information on where fantastic locations to visit and things to do in Spain.

    You could run with the bulls, visit famous monuments, shop in one of the best European capitals, go skiing or laze on the beach - or try and do it all!

  10. eezi

    eezi New Member

    I ve just read your message.
    Well , I certainly recommend for Granada. The Alhambra is one of the world's wonders and I'm told that people there are very mixed and have an open mind. I'm sure Iwill find lots of different bars and restaurantas they call it "tapeo". Im visiting Granada again in September coss its too hot in summer.
    Last year I rented a car which was very cheap and stayed at "pension Don Manuel" whose link I cannot find now and everything was good and cheap.
    Best wishes
  11. vanessote

    vanessote New Member

    You should visit Barcelona
  12. cavedwellers

    cavedwellers New Member

    Hi there!
    I thoroughly agree on the Alhambra. Also why not take in the area known as the Altiplano de Granada which is an hour's drive east from Granada city? The adventurous part about it is that you could stay in a cave house or cave hotel - highly recommended and a bit different! I live in a cave house in Baza and love it.
  13. ruthlopez22

    ruthlopez22 New Member

    Yes its a nice place for travel.
  14. stevejo

    stevejo New Member

    Do you have pics of anything? Thanks
  15. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Hi Stevejo, have a look at this amazing virtual tour of Barcelona...:)
  16. Diana_96

    Diana_96 New Member

    Try Madrid. It is a great place where to start your trip around Spain.
  17. alex2213

    alex2213 New Member

    Spain is just great. As for variety you can start with the food and wine, it's just unbelievable how it changes from North to South (I prefer the mediterranean food in the South East, paella and the likes).
    As for culture it also varies incredibly. Andalucia (the south) is great for music and traditional bull runs. Madrid is perfect for theatres and different shows. Barcelona is THE place to go out, clubs, bars, music, the best nights ever. Oh, and Spain is a country to to go during the summer. You can make the best out of it
  18. Jhon Smitch

    Jhon Smitch New Member

    One thing, when planning a tight trip, you need to check schedules carefully. Many things are closed on Mondays, so if you want to pack in the activities, you need to make sure you aren't planning Monday activities that are closed all day, and you need to know what is open during siesta, and what closes down...We were in Córdoba, and had planned to go to the Mezquita first, then the Alcázar de los Reyes, then, around 2:00, we would be hitting the Sinágoga. But when we got there, we found out that the Synagogue closes during siesta, and the Mezquita was open all day, so we switched things around. If we hadn't checked, we would have missed out on the Synagogue, and that would have been a shame.
  19. kiki82

    kiki82 New Member

    I would recommend Mallorca.... It has a very cosmopolitan city in Palma, there are loads of great tapas bars, restaurants, clubs etc plus the town and cathedral too.

    Mallorca has loads of lovely beaches and you can drive into some of the mountainous areas and see a totally different side to the place. You could also get the plane or ferry over to one of the other Balearic Islands or even Barcelona.
  20. Grosjean

    Grosjean New Member

    If your going on holiday you will probably be going where all tourists go... Nearly all of the Spaniards will speak English, because alot of British people go there.
    Oh and DONT DRINK THE WATER buy bottled! Have a good time!

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