traveling through the Sinai region?

Discussion in 'Egypt' started by werttdd, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Just thought to let everyone about safety in Sinai. Things quite down a few weeks back but turmoil is picking up again, especially in Cairo and Sinai. I'm told that the most dangerous area of Egypt at the moment is Sinai... Apparently, many tourists visiting Mount Sinai and St. Catherine’s Monastery have been kidnapped on the way. Dont mean to scare anyone off traveling to Egypt...just be safe;)
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    Egypt: to go or not to go?

    it's hard to make out whether it's safe to travel to Egypt or not. Some people say that it is if you just stick to tourist areas, but official government websites and mainstream news say to avoid traveling there at all. So much conflicting messages makes it impossible to determine what's best thing to do.

    I had postponed a trip to Egypt twice now (once early this year and the second time last month) because of fear of kidnappings, terrorist attacks, etc. Anyone else feels this apprehensive traveling to Egypt or anywhere else nowadays?
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    visit Egypt now

    To tell you the truth traveling overseas isn't the same like it used to before 9/11. I have also heard about kidnappings and security concerns in the Sinai region, but as far as know the kidnappers aren't harming the people or killing them.

    Even after ousting the long-ruling dictator, Hosni Mubarak, last year the situation in Egypt is still fragile and I cannot see anything getting back to normal since the "revolution" in Egypt's still taking place. I'd say that if you really want to visit Egypt that you do it now rather than later.
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    avoid Egypt if i were you

    The Sinai region of Egypt is a hot spot right now and best avoided if you are not familiar with Egypt and are traveling from israel or the US. Even Egyptians are avoiding this area if they can and they wont even drive at night with their lights (on and only flash other drivers when a car is approaching). I dont understand why citizens from america or israel even bother go traveling to a part of the world that's in turmoil because of their governments' policies towards the middle east.

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