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  1. titus

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    Hi there!

    Does anyone have some really good traveling tips that will cut the costs down and also you get to have a real good feel of what's it like to be in a different part of the world..


  2. VacationBuddy

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    Two of the best traveling tips I can give are:

    1) Leave copies of your itinerary, passport, and visa with family or friends, so you can be contacted in case of an emergency.

    2)Make sure that your travel insurance policy covers emergency expenses such as medical evacuation. If it does not, consider supplemental insurance.

    Btw, where are you planning to go Titus?
  3. peterlee

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    never change your money at airport

    The best tip that I can give you is to never change your money at airport or train station kiosks, as all of these places are blatant rip-offs which give you badly disadvantageous rates of exchange.

    If I were you, I would only use those facilities to exchange smallest amount of money which you will need on arrival. Other than that, use a bank ATM machine which will actually give you the best rate.
  4. Apu-adha

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    more travel tips

    I agree with changing some money into the local currency before you depart as this will give you one less thing to worry about.

    Another important thing is to notify your credit card company before you leave as the unfamiliar spending patterns might cause them to freeze your card. Also, never take a taxi that is just to be hanging around, and try to keep your wallet and valuables safely secured in a handbag or in one of your hand luggage.
  5. gaurav467

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    soda in India

    A word on this. Everyone told us soda in India tasted good. I thought Thumbs-Up was great. It appears to be Coke with a touch of lime or an herb added to it. If you are used to drinking diet soda, the Indian sodas may seem overly sweet. This is just because they have sugar in them.
  6. giacobbe

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    my top travel tips

    what I would say to those people who dont travel frequently but want to have a stress-free and enjoyable travel is to properly plan and prepare for things like airport check-ups. Nearly all airlines have certain luggage weight limits including that for carry on luggage. Try to keep within the limits in order to avoid paying extra baggage fees at the airport.

    Also, always put your valuables in the hand luggage, and when going through security points at the airport, avoid wearing metal accessories and heavy jewelry items for a hassle-free experience.
  7. feron4

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    traveling tips for parents

    my advice to traveling parents with kids that are worried about their kids acting up while on vacation is to do whatever it takes to keep the kids happy, and by that I mean paying attention to them.

    Therefore, reading a book or magazine at the beach isn't really gonna cut it...Also, flying can be really exciting though sometimes terrifying for kids and the last thing is a crabby kid spoiling the experience for as I said, put the mags and books down and pay attention to your kids..See, Simples!

  8. ankydas

    ankydas New Member

    I would suggest you to go for Travel Insurance .It will make your journey safe and secure.
  9. hasan29

    hasan29 New Member

    Hello friend, I want to share travel tips about traveling with kids. As any family with small children will know, a family getaway can sometimes be less idyllic than it sounds. Children are very active by nature, which can result in a trip that’s more work than relaxation. But fear not. We have 7 great tips ready to help you make your family trip that much more relaxing for you, and for the kids.

    1. Be Prepared:

    Unpredictability goes hand in hand with parenthood, so make sure you go prepared. Always travel insured with kids, as you never know what could happen. If you’re traveling via plane, get a family friend to drop you and the kids off or go for a meet and greet service. This will make getting to the airport less frustrating on both you and the children.

    2. Keep it simple:

    Avoid cramming too many activities into one day. Traveling with kids requires flexibility and having an itinerary filled to the brim might not work too well. Instead, try and split the activities over more days, or only schedule a few important ones so you can spend some quality relaxation time together as a family.

    3. Plan Together:

    When planning your holiday make sure that you’ve taken each member of the family into consideration. Each of them have their individual likes, and trying to meet these will result in a better holiday for everyone. Don’t forget about yourself though. Make sure that you’ve seen to your own needs amidst the concern about the kids.

    4. Think Ahead:

    Make sure that all the travel essentials are taken care of. These include vaccinations, travel insurance, and all the important documents. Check that there are doctors in the area in which you are staying, especially if someone in the family suffers from an illness. Also try and keep passports with you at all times, just in case of any emergencies.

    5. Accommodation:

    for family living, and can work out very expensive for a small space. We suggest trying a guest-house or a lodge as they often offer more If your children are at the age where running around is a main priority, avoid hotel living altogether. Kids are by nature very busy and need more space than adults. Hotel rooms are often not built space for less.

    6. Be Ahead of Schedule:

    Kids can be a handful sometimes, so make sure you account for this to avoid running late. In order to catch all flights and bookings on time, make sure you are at least fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. Once again, family travel comes with a certain measure of unpredictability, so be sure you’re prepared for it.

    7. Bring Entertainment:

    Because of luggage restrictions, kids can’t take a variety of toys along. Trust your parental instincts when it comes to choosing which books and toys go with. If their favorite toy keeps them occupied for hours at home, then it’s likely to do the same thing on a plane, or anywhere else.
  10. holidayguy

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    Much of the times people travel to far off places in search of leisure and holiday fun. It doesn't really have to be a tediously long journey to complete a vacation. You can do research on the closest places where you can spend a splendid holiday with perhaps for fun for the saved budget.
  11. Vicolette

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    Something to consider. Many hotels and resorts offer deep discounts during the off season. If you're looking for the best bang for your buck, choose a location and their low season vs high season, contact the hotel, check websites, or use a travel agent to find the best deal. Many accommodations also offer "online only" discounts when booking through their website. Just a thought. You can definitely save money on flight and cruise packages. Happy traveling!
  12. TheExpert

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    Whenever you reach your destination in any country, whether it is by boat, please check that you have all your cash, cards, documents and anything else valuable on you right at that moment.
  13. melliset

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    1. Booking your accommodation in advance will give you more options as well as cheapest fares.
    2. Get More for Your Money when changing currency, the best deals are rarely found on the high-street and not even at the airports. Online and Post offices could prove a good choice.
  14. brightsuntravel

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    Wow! That's great tips for traveling. really I like your traveling tips, most of the peoples are likes your post because its having the good knowledge. well! Thanks Mr.Hasan for your great informative post.

  15. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Isn't it great! I love reading everyone's input too. There are some smart travelers out there. I know a lot about various places, but I'm not always the best traveler. I've had a few stinkers along the way, including losing all my travelers checks when I was in France right after high school (back in the day when you had those). Some planning would have helped.
  16. st321

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    If you are traveling in USA, try to get some prepaid membership travel or 2-3 months which can cut down your travel costs. For example subscriptiontravel, on prepaid membership, you can travel anywhere in United States based on membership without worrying about booking fees
  17. josephhinds

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    If you have travel insurance than I think Its really helps you. From my point of view this tips is the best. What you say?

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