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Discussion in 'Montenegro' started by Df.Tommi, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Df.Tommi

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    does anyone if it is possible to take a direct flight to Budva and how far is Budva from Podgorica? Also, would it be advisable to use to car rental to get around in Budva?
  2. Ruby

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    Hi there,

    First of all, I wouldn't suggest car rental in Budva as the town is known for having parking problems so you may find this a bit of nuisance.

    Second, it is possible to get a direct flight as the town of Budva is home to Tivat airport, which is just nine miles or so out of town.

    Also, Budva is just a mere forty miles by car from Podgorica, which makes it an ideal destination if you're on a budget.

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