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Discussion in 'Cuba' started by SmokyRocky, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. SmokyRocky

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    I've been to Cuba many times and love this little island almost like home. People are decent and the culture is amazing. Here are my tips/suggestions:

    - US$ is probably the worst currency to take.
    - Forget US credit cards like Amex, MNBA, Master and Visa as well as Debit cards because they are useless
    - If you need a car rental, get a mid size car. It will only cost yo about $90 (including insurance)
    - Car hire deposit is $200 but it's refundable.
    - Do not stop for anyone posing as a cop unless they have a gun on them.
    - The airport usually offers the best rate of exchange (better than hotels).
    - There are two Cuban Currencies. One for tourists CUC and one for locals CUP.
  2. Touch-HD

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    Cuba is a cash economy and as a tourist you will be issued Cuban Convertibles (CUC's), which sell for about $1. Hotels, restaurants, bars and taxis all charge in Cuban Convertibles. There are ATMs available but they do not accept Mastercard so it's best to bring as much cash as you'll need for the duration of your stay. US dollars are not advisable.
  3. Vicolette

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    Are there any specific safety tips you advise regarding carrying cash or any form of currency? Are ATM machine locations safe at night or is it better to use them during the day? Is it difficult exchanging money for Cuban currency once you arrive? Thanks for any information.

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