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Discussion in 'Cyprus' started by 1stplace, Apr 23, 2015.

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    Cyprus is overall a good destination to travel to most of the year, but I find September and October to be the best months for a few reasons: 1) crowds are smaller 2) Hotel rates are cheaper 3) Lower humidity. As far as beaches, Aiya Napa is the best beach to be in October....don't worry, most of the clubbers would have headed home by the end September!
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    cyprus weather best time to go

    Cyprus is a nice winter destination...December and January are the winter months but it's kinda warm it feels more like autumn. The water is warmest during August and September as the sea has had time to warm up over the summer.
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    If you want beach holiday, Agia Napa has the best weather on the island. Average temperatures are usually over 30C between June and August. March to April or September to November, weather in Cyprus is more pleasant (usually around 23C)

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