traveling to Granada at night

Discussion in 'Nicaragua' started by cookiejar, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. cookiejar

    cookiejar New Member

    has anyone arrived in Managua airport at night before? my flight will be arriving at around midnight and im wondering whether it's a good idea to try to get to Granada that night? is it safe or should I just stay at the airport hotel?
  2. 2010Microfoft

    2010Microfoft New Member

    use Paxeos

    i personally would spend the night at hotel since it is literally located right across the road from the airport. if you must travel right away, I would not get a taxi from the airport that time of night, but use an authorized tourist transportation like Paxeos. They can take take you to your final destination in Granada safely and it would only cost you $40.
  3. OrangeWorld

    OrangeWorld New Member

    spend the night at hotel

    using the Paxeos is a good idea because of safety issues but my recommendation is to spend the night at the hotel and head to Granada early in the day because that way you'll be able to see the sights while you drive from Managua to Granada.

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