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Discussion in 'Austria' started by cyberplop, May 19, 2011.

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    I am from Kansas City and I will be traveling to Graz next month to stay with a family..can you share some tips on manners for my host family. As well as just general customs around the house. Also, any ideas on a house gift? Also what are some things to do in vienna and Graz, besides getting drink of course!
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    Definitely bring something typical from Kansas City, or sweets. Austrians do love wine and their chocolates so, perhaps a nice bottle of wine would do the trick.

    As for manners and customs, Austrians never wear their shoes into the house so, bring slippers if you want to wear something on your feet in the house.

    Austrians are also very conscious of money so if you're planning to use their telephone you will want to make sure you don't talk too long.

    Overall, just be prepared to take it slowly with your host family in Graz, and remember that Austrians are a bit more reserved and formal until they get to know you.
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    street of beggars in Graz

    I just thought that i'd say that Graz is a pretty safe town so you won't have to worry about safety. However, the only thing that may bother you about Graz is the amount street of beggars at all hours of the day.

    It was just how Linz was when I visited a couple of years previously. It's not just that I felt bad that I couldn't give money to them all, after all I felt they must be pretty earnest to be suffering so much, but because the city wasn't doing anything about it.

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