traveling to Greece now?

Discussion in 'Greece' started by Polizeu, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Polizeu

    Polizeu New Member

    hi, I heard a lot of bad stuff about the situation in Greece like they wabt to leave the euro, scams, etc..I was wondering whether now is a good time despite this..Im kind of put off my the news so would love to hear from someone who's been there recently..thanks
  2. CameronD

    CameronD New Member

    there's never been a better time to go to Greece because of people's perception of Greece not being safe, which isn't true. It's not unsafe by any means for tourists and you're bound to find great offers. My advice is to have cash in euros with you and forget credit cards. Don’t rely on ATMs for cash because the banking system there is in a bit of disarray because of the euro thingy.
  3. Pagame

    Pagame New Member

    there have been and still are numerous protests and strikes in Greece but they primarily in Athens so, it isn't affecting the main tourist areas. Oh, and use cash. Greece has always been a place where people prefer to receive cash.
  4. Wanderled

    Wanderled New Member

    Like the others have said, carry cash instead but be careful with it, of course! You will probably find things cheaper now and artisans will be more willing to bargain and sell. However, it's still a great time to go and the bad news is not something that should affect you as a tourist.

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