traveling to India in summer

Discussion in 'India' started by mouhty67, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. mouhty67

    mouhty67 New Member

    is traveling to India throughout the summer advised? when is the low season and shoulder seasons in India?
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    If you're looking to save money do avoid the summer months in India! It's best you travel to India during September and October, or March and April, since the weather is much cooler and you will find better prices on lodging.

    Also, be aware of India's monsoon season, which actually runs through the summer months and early fall, and it's a time you really ought to avoid if you don't like rain!
  3. anuraglidl

    anuraglidl New Member

    I think traveling India in summer is not a good idea as it is really hot there during summers. I would recommend to delay your plan for winters as India is very beautiful in winters. And you can explore it fully.
  4. traveltheweb

    traveltheweb New Member

    I also agree with others, traveling during summer could create lot of problems as the weather is very harsh during this time apart from the hills and mountains. You should plan the trip when the weather is better, such as months of Sept to Dec when there are no rains and it is not so hot also, you will not face problems if you are in India in February and continue your trip till mid-April.
  5. owhweb

    owhweb New Member

    You guys are right. In summer, totally avoid North India as this is the time when heat rules on the people.
  6. Harrynelson

    Harrynelson New Member

    If you want travel india then come India in September to December months.This is winter time in India and this is best time to explore the country. By the way, there is 26 or more different language spoken in India, so you'll love it here!
  7. Amydiaz11

    Amydiaz11 New Member

    I agree that traveling to India in summer season is not a good idea. My plan of visiting India this summer was cancelled after i checked with one of my friends. She is experienced in this case. So even after getting the letter in the mail American airways qualify for two airline tickets, i cancelled the trip. We ( me and my partner) planned to stay at home instead :(..

    Can anyone suggest which is the best season to travel to India?? Next time i really want to go and don't want to cancel it at the last moment!!!

    Pls help...

  8. Frankie_Padilla

    Frankie_Padilla New Member

    I think some places would be fine in summer in India..Where as i think Shimla,Ooty,Manali and so on...
  9. kettycool88

    kettycool88 New Member

    I would say for summer Goa is the best place to travel in India. There beaches and culture is really fascinating and you would definitely love this place.
  10. Piyush

    Piyush New Member

    I suggest you to visit India in between September and December because this is the much cooler period of time as compared to the summer.You can even visit Goa and some other hilly stations like Ooty and Nanintal in winters.
  11. darthvanderjon1

    darthvanderjon1 New Member

    If you come to India in the summers, I'd advise you to stay up north, and explore the mountains. Rest of the country is mostly super hot and humid.
  12. gaurav467

    gaurav467 New Member

    where to go in India in august

    If you are ready to stand the heat, Rajasthan could be a good place. They hardly get any rain anyways Part of Gujarat called Kutch could be a good bet too. You could also tour Tamilandu state in August without no problems as there will be no rains.

    I do suggest you arrive in Chennai and visit touristy places like Thanjavur, Madurai and then you can travel to Tamilandu state and Rajasthan.
  13. findmystay

    findmystay New Member

    i suggest to visit for best travel to India during September and October, and also you can travel
    March and April. and winter time is really seen at india best time .
  14. MylesCars_SelfDrive

    MylesCars_SelfDrive New Member


    I would recommend you to consider self-drive as an option for travel
    1) Much cheaper than a chauffeur driven car
    2) Unlimited KM's - Self-Drive rentals are fixed for the day - irrespective of the KM's travelled
    3) Privacy
    4) Freedom to chose cars from Hachback to SUV's/Sedans as per convenience without worrying for charges/KM's

  15. findmystay

    findmystay New Member

    i have suggest some place visit to in india summer, but most people visit to india at September to December.
  16. james287

    james287 New Member

    You've to visit beaches, waterfall places and hill stations in summer.
  17. Narayani Tours

    Narayani Tours New Member

    Traveling to India in summer is good idea but not a awesome idea. Traveling to India winter is more best idea. There are many best places to visit in Winter & most of peoples make their travel planing in winter than summer.

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