traveling to india with children

Discussion in 'India' started by cleana-clena, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. cleana-clena

    cleana-clena New Member

    is traveling to india with children a good idea guys? has anyone do it? if so, how you got any tips, suggestions related to health risks,...etc?
  2. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    India is great, though I've never been with kids, I saw many families with kids. I'd say that traveling to India with kids will require more prep than if you were to go to Europe.

    India isn't truly just any country but another world in the positive sense of the world so, if you've never been before it'll be a shock to the system, especially if you're used to your luxuries back home.I can tell you!

    Health-wise, the best bet is to speak to your GP who will advise on more on things like vaccinations you'll need like tetanus, measles, etc.

    Besides all of these, India is home to very friendly people and it's an excellent place for a cheap family vacation.

    Accommodation, food, and attractions are fairly cheap, and getting cash is not a problem any more, so you can use your creditcard for paying things.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg...if you need more info just tell me...:)
  3. shona

    shona New Member

    yaa its a great can check out many places here in india like mumbai ,banglore ,punjab,delhi,rajasthan....and you are talking about children so my answer is yes u can travel with your is no problem because there are many amusements parks and outlets available for childrens here ...!!!!
  4. eventhorizon

    eventhorizon New Member

    taking a child to India

    India is surely a nice place to be but there are the very obvious risks such as dehydration depending where and when you go to India. Saying this, if you have not been to India before, I would not suggest taking a child. Believe me, India is not like the US... it’s another world, and by that I mean comforts that we take for granted in the western world.

    I'd also be worried for things like malaria and underlined health conditions that your kids may have (some you may be aware of) which lay dormant until activated like asthma which would be easily triggered in India.
  5. indiatraveltours

    indiatraveltours New Member

    You are looking for travel in India with children. No problem you can travel with your children. Here you will explore many tourist destinations such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan....
  6. travellingslacker

    travellingslacker New Member

    it's not an issue... most of the tourist destinations in India are family oriented... you can avoid the extreme heat of May June.... rest should be fine...

  7. PamelaWalker

    PamelaWalker New Member

    Well there are lots of family tourist destinations in India Like Agra, Rajsthan, Kerala, Shimla and many more. If you are really worried about your health and do not want to fall sick then do not try road side food an use filtered water always.
  8. partofprocess22

    partofprocess22 New Member

    my tips for traveling to india with kids

    Definitely dont drink or brush your teeth with tap water. Bottled water is available everywhere so you can buy that or else boil water to drink. Also, don't bother with a stroller because most streets in India are so crowded and bumpy in some areas that it will be impossible to navigate with one.
  9. aboutindiancities

    aboutindiancities New Member

    There are so many places in India,you can travel and feel great about it.Each and every place is beautiful and some of the places are like historical places and they are very informative for the G.K of your children.
  10. JMM2

    JMM2 New Member

    must carry this to India

    if you're traveling with kids don't forget to be be up to date on the immunization shots, particularly against Hepatitis A which is usually transmitted through food, liquids etc. Also, carry a medicine kit which include diarrhea tablets, cough syrup, mosquito repellent, and a mosquito net.
  11. AtomicaII

    AtomicaII New Member

    tips for traveling to india with children

    good advise already! Definitely visit your family doctor to ensure that you and your children are up to date on all vaccinations, and make sure you request a prescription for an antimalarial drug because they sometimes won't even mention it.
  12. RyanOdell27

    RyanOdell27 New Member

    Travel with children to India is fun and just slightly more challenging. So, you should take care of some things like Never let them eat anything outside. Limit your children intake of spicy Indian foods and drink only bottled water. Pack a small medical kit which include sunscreen, insect repellent, an over-the counter anti-diarrhea medication. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Put on only cotton clothes. I would not recommend going to India with a small child in the summer and rainy months.
  13. suniltrch

    suniltrch New Member

    yeah off course you can visit india with children's but you have to pay more attention on their health issue and other security issue.
  14. pinki rawat

    pinki rawat New Member


    Traveling in India with Children is totally depend upon your preferences. if you are comfortable for traveling with children so there are no problem. In India, there are many family oriented destination like Delhi, Agra, Shimla and Mumbai.
  15. cfangela

    cfangela New Member

    India is a great city. Here you will many beautiful places for people of every age group. Yes you can travel along with your children. There are many amusement parks that can fully entertain your children and can make your trip the memorable one.
  16. arpitamathur

    arpitamathur New Member

    Well, visiting India is more fruitful, if you travel in winters. India is a great place to visit at and I am sure children would love visiting here. You can visit odisha in east. Puri beach, jagannath temple, konark, chilika lake are the best tourist attractions here. children will enjoy the place. Nandan Kanan (Zoo)in bhuvneshwar is of great intrest for them. in the west, Gujrat and Rajasthan are great places if you want to try new recepies. Southern area is of course full of beaches, temples, tea estates and animal rides. undoubtedly children are going to enjoy there.In North, you'll find snow in winters. so, thats upto you choice. north is beautiful
  17. Morachi chincholi

    Morachi chincholi New Member

    Morachi Chincholi is one the best place to travel with children near Pune. Morachi Chincholi is situated shirur near Pune. It is one of great place where you can see lot of Peacocks.
  18. Ankit Singh

    Ankit Singh New Member


    Travelling in India with kids. Honest advice on travelling with kids in India including health & safety to the best things to do on family holidays in India thank you

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