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Discussion in 'Nebraska' started by trobleinthejungle, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. trobleinthejungle

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    hey people,

    This summer we're planning traveling to Kearney for the first time so I wanted to get your input on this city. what things can you there? is there opportunities for outdoor activities? thanks guys!
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    Hi there,

    If you are traveling this summer, in June, the city hosts a Native American Pow Wow event showcasing the traditional Native American dancers of the Great Plains.

    Also, you can enjoy Kearney travel when you visit Fort Kearny State Historical Park, where you can see a restored stockade and fort, Pony Express depot and blacksmith shop. At this park, you can also do camping, fishing, and hiking.

    Other things to do in Kearney include checking out some wineries and breweries to sample some fine brews.

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