traveling to Mississippi first time

Discussion in 'Mississippi' started by westeast, May 13, 2014.

  1. westeast

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    I have been to Mississippi so many times and spent months at a time in many cases over there. I love this state and I would recommend to give it a chance when visiting it. When in Clarksdale, be sure and check out Red's Juke Joint and Po Monkey's in Cleveland for some Delta Blues. Spend some good time in Vicksburg and Natchez. They are beautiful and historical southern towns with loads of history, scenery and great food.
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    Great advice! Mississippi is a pretty cool place to explore. I like that northern Mississippi is so close to Memphis, so you can add some more music to your visit. Then the Gulf Coast is pretty great...and they've worked hard to add new attractions and rebuild the existing infrastructure after the hurricane. There's a new science center from NASA that's easy to reach from Biloxi. It's called the John C. Stennis Space Center, and it's pretty cool.

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