traveling to Norway in October

Discussion in 'Norway' started by VacationBuddy, Mar 3, 2014.

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    Norway is a great time to travel because tourist crowds are thin (low season) and airfare is cheap though many tourist hotels will be closed. October is a nice time to see the autumn fall foliage and the fjords though bear in mind that the western side of Norway gets rather rainy. Instead, it's best you travel to the eastern side if you want to see the autumn colours in the mountains.
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    October is okay but people need to know that it does get cold and most outdoor attractions will be closed too. Of course, if you really are on a string budget then yes come on October by all means. Prices of flights to Norway and hotels will be at their cheapest levels.
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    October is nice but if you are looking to do mountain hiking then summer is best (July-August is the best time) because of the large amounts of snow in central mountain areas. Otherwise, October is still a good time for hiking along the coast and at lower altitudes. Keep in mind that temperatures generally drop 1 degree Celsius for every 140 meters you climb.

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