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  1. likeyouya'

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    Best time of year to visit Rhode Island and avoid the crowds is the last two weeks of June, late September and early October (keep in mind though this is the month of hurricane season). Off-season is really the best time because you won't have to wait long for boat tours and Mansions tours. I personally prefer mid June because you can also visit the beach. Sep/Oct water is too cold.
  2. tatianaali

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    Rhode Island is so much catch the seasonal ferry from Providence to Newport (i think it runs from mid-May to mid-October) for beautiful views of the ocean. If you can visit in summer to attend the Newport Jazz Festival in August in Newport. Highly recommended for any music lover.
  3. backfro8

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    Newport Folk festival is also awesome....Every summer I look forward to this festival because of its location in Fort Adams. The scenery is gorgeous and there's plenty of places to lay out a blanket and just hang out for the day.
  4. Selena Rankins

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    Summer time is the best to travel to Rhode Island, you will be able to participate in various festival.

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