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Discussion in 'Honduras' started by Clamedio, May 6, 2011.

  1. Clamedio

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    A few of us are traveling to Tegucigalpa, and will be staying in a house in Miraflores- how is this area of town?

    I am specifically wondering what kind of safety precautions we need to take being gringos? how much would a taxi cost from Mira to Morazan? Also, how long does it take to travel to the beach and where would be the best one to go to from Tegus?

  2. Danny

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    Miraflores in Tegucigalpa is a nice neighborhood, though not very close to Blvd Morazan where the nightlife is so, you'll need to take cabs back and forth.

    During the day a cab might cost $2.50, but at night you'll pay like triple the daily rate. The best thing to do is to get the cell phone number of a cab driver that you find to be reliable, and start using that person regularly.

    When you're actually out, it's not a problem, but as you said you're a gringo (lol) you'll obviously draw attention but that's okay. The main thing to remember whether you're a gringo or not, it's not to flash your cash and to use an inexpensive cell phone (ipods are a no no). You can find cheap phones there for about $29.

    By the way, the closest beach is the pacific side, about 2 hours away. Not that great of a beach unfortunately. The good beaches are on the atlantic side, which is farther away - maybe 6 hours to Tela.

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