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Discussion in 'Poland' started by Wroclaw_Guide, Aug 5, 2015.

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    I am a guide in Wroclaw. If you need any about my place feel free to ask:)


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    hi, what is there to do in Wroclaw? and which cities do you recommend visiting for first timers? I would like to travel there in January/ February. Is that a good time? thanks
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    The market square (Rynek) in Wroclaw is stunning with period pretty colorful houses around it. If you are in Wroclaw, you must take your time, sit down, have a beer and just watch the people walk by.
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    Maybe it is a coldest time to come, but still it can be interesting. You should see:
    - marcet square (rynek in polish)
    - University
    - Cathedral Island
    - Jewish District
    - Centiniall Hall - the only one place in the city entered to Unesco list of World Heritage Sites.

    Depending on your budget you can also do a day trips to:

    - Auschwitz, Cracow or Salt Mine
    - Lower Silesia Province: old castles, palaces, WW2 sites like Project Riese or Gross Rosen Camp

    You can also have fun on a shooting range or driving carts, go shoping, exploring restaurants or Spa. It is a good city to relax.

    If you have a chance you should also go to Krakow - the most popular tourist destinatation.

    I hope it helped you a bit;)


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    Hello, one question, what is the best way to get to Warsaw from Wroclaw? Are the trains fast or is it better to go by bus?

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