traveling to Zimbabwe in the August

Discussion in 'Zimbabwe' started by VenetianIsalnds, May 3, 2013.

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    What a better time to be in Zimbabwe than August? I recommend everyone planning to visit there to choose August (preferably late and early September) because weather is so great and the animal viewing is at its annual best.

    Weather is pleasant most times throughout august but it can get a little bit colder in the beginning of the month. Hwange National Park is the best place for animal viewing; while popular local ground operators are Africa Bush Camps and Wilderness Safaris.
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    Summer is great over there but it's very busy, it's peak season so you will need to book in advance. Also, note that foreigners are required to pay in foreign exchange; US$ are preferred. The government campsites are well-maintained and offer full facilities.
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    September thru November is always the better time for wildlife viewing because the weather is hot but dry so wildlife tends to congregate round waterholes making for some great viewing. This months are also a great time to visit for a safari because game is abundant and you are likely to have some fantastic sightings. happy travels;)
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    Avoid driving at night when in Zimbabwe because livestock, wild animals roam freely. When you are driving in cities, keep your valuables in the boot or under a seat and keep the doors locked. Smash and grabs do occur, but this is opportunistic crime and can be prevented.

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