travellign to Singapore/Malaysia alone

Discussion in 'Singapore' started by 2010Microfoft, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. 2010Microfoft

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    Hi, sorry if this question has been answered before but I couldn't find such thread.... Basically, I am planning to travel to Singapore and Malaysia for 15 days as a solo traveler, and Im kinda excited but concerned a little because of safety fears. A lot of people seem to travel alone through Asia and I wonder if it is safe to travel alone to Singapore & Malaysia? I can't trun back now because I have already bought my tickets...
  2. RedStripe

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    Dont' worry about a could've not picked safer destinations than Singapore and Malaysia, but it is always worth taking precautions like anywhere else, especially when traveling alone. Have you paid for tours already? and how much is your budget? Food and accomodation are very cheap and delicious in those places so you can easily manage on a $35 a day budget.
  3. 2010Microfoft

    2010Microfoft New Member

    spending money in Singapore/Malaysia

    Thanks for your quick reply? My spending money is about $350-$400 for the 15 days since I have already bought my tickets and paid for my accomodation, transportation and tours. Basically, the money im taking is for food and shopping expenses.
  4. RedStripe

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    using cash in Singapore

    $400-500 is a healthy budget. You'll definiley be able to do a lot with that kind of spending money, though I suggest you dont take it all in cash (but if you do, keep it safe!) and best to use a credit card and draw cash on a need basis. Dont forget cheques because there are still a safe way of securing money despite being out of fashion these days.
  5. peter

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    There is nothing to worry if you are traveling alone in these countries. As there are many people who travel alone and I must say it's an incredible experience.

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