travelling from Maricopa,AZ to Las Vegas

Discussion in 'Arizona' started by papajoe41, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. papajoe41

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    If someone wishes to see the grand canyon for the first time and is travelling from Maricopa az., to las vegas, a first stop would be Sedona for a little while, what other areas (north or south rim) would you recommend to be viewed to achieve the trip allowing for 6/7 hrs. driving and 4/5 hours (total 11 hours). Regards Joe
  2. wanderer

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    Sedona is just delightful and it's worth a stop. I would also recommend stopping in Kingman. It's up closer to the border. There's a Route 66 Museum there and some really great hiking. It's only an hour or so from there to the Grand Canyon's Skywalk.

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