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Discussion in 'UK' started by mdavid, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. mdavid

    mdavid New Member

    What would you say, the best medium to travel inside the London, tubes are slow and taxis are way expensive??
  2. RobZilla

    RobZilla New Member

    best way to get around in London has always been the tube (aka subway).The bus is a great if you're not in a rush and want to see the landmarks from an open deck bus. Otherwise, the tube is superfast...of course, if they don't get delayed;)
  3. alexpete80

    alexpete80 New Member

    Off course tubes are the fastest medium, as mentioned by Rob if you want to see around than buses top is the preferred option as it will allow a magnificent view of the roads and landmarks of London only if you are not in hurry and taxi is never preferred they are way expensive medium for mobility.
  4. mark90

    mark90 New Member

    It is very obvious that tubes will be the best fit medium of travel. Cheap, swift and clean.
  5. vinny90

    vinny90 New Member

    Without any doubts it is tube that is preferred option.
  6. ankydas

    ankydas New Member

    Well taxis are expensive but you're free to travel any where according to your needs and also, you don't need to wait at stoppage for anything.
  7. billl88

    billl88 New Member

    Tube is the best option when you are in hurry and Double decker is the second option if not in hurry but not at all by taxi.
  8. jenny86

    jenny86 New Member

    If you are in a hurry taxi is the best option. It is a little expensive but it gets you to you destination without any trouble and doesn't need to stop at any points.
  9. brightsuntravel

    brightsuntravel New Member

    Hello Jenny
    yes you are right. Taxi is the best option and less expensive. I suggest you all travelers whose are travelling in London.well ! Thanks jenny for informative post.

  10. eddyedward

    eddyedward New Member

    Time is Money. If you want to reach early on your place Taxi is best option otherwise you can travel via other vehicles as well.
  11. janeaddy

    janeaddy New Member

    I think tube is the best way to get around in London.
  12. mac12

    mac12 New Member

    Tube is far much better than taxi or bus. It is fast and less expensive than taxis.
  13. maxjhon12

    maxjhon12 New Member

    I think Taxi is the better one.
  14. janeaddy

    janeaddy New Member

    I will go with Tube. its fast and much better than other options.
  15. raddy46

    raddy46 New Member

    Can anyone tell me about how an Oyster card works? I will be going to London this winter, and my friends told me something about an Oyster card but i didn't understand.
  16. jasmineeva

    jasmineeva New Member

    Hi, i'm Jasmineeva from U.K.
    Travelling in London really a very good idea. London is a very beautiful place for travelling. no matter your are alone or with your family, but if you with your family or friends it will you a lot of fun.
    The best medium for travell depends on your money if you have sufficient money you go with your own medium but if you have some problems you can find on internet best medium that shoots for you.
  17. jamesonridley

    jamesonridley New Member

    The buses and tube can get very crowded, taxis are expensive but travel in taxi is comfort
  18. melliset

    melliset New Member

    Tubes are the best and fastest medium to travel and explore London.
  19. jaysamuel

    jaysamuel New Member

    i have traveled in bus taxi and tube in London i personally like travel in tube..

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