Travelling to Canada with a DUI record.

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Anto544, Dec 14, 2016.

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    My wedding is planned for next summer. And we will be visiting Ontario, and Quebec for honey moon. This location is chosen as my fiance has part of her family and friends in Canada. We got a lo of time to plan, but there is a very small problem.

    I am a DUI convict. I was set out after rehab 3 years back. I regret being a jerk at that time. this record has affected me where ever I go. But, the past is past, and I have moved on and I quit drinking altogether. It appears that I will need a pardon from the Govt. of Canada to be able to enter the state. I was searching on it which landed me on this page Get a Canadian Entry TRP | Pardon Canada SO, they say that it has to be either 5 years since the completion of the term or I could apply for a TRP.

    So here are my doubts. Do I have to see a Canadian attorney for that? Can I apply directly through the Canadian embassy in the United States? How long does it take for the application t be processed?
    Has anyone traveled with a DUI? Please share what you did. Any suggestion would be helpful.


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