Travelling To Greece Alone! on OCT 22nd Looking For Companions.

Discussion in 'Greece' started by Greece Traveller21, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. Greece Traveller21

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    HI, I’m travelling to Greece. I will be staying at the Greek island Zakynthos between October 21-24 this month (Friday-Monday). I will be traveling alone to the island; therefore, I planned my stay in Zakynthos. I am socially active and like to hang around with people, and would very much like to travel together. To make the best out of it I, would like to know, is there anyone who is travelling to Zakynthos on the same date? So, that we can meet and do some interesting activities together. I am eagerly waiting please, let me know.
  2. d360

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    Sounds like fun but I'll be in Bali

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