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Discussion in 'California' started by Zimplethings, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Zimplethings

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    We'll be touring a few of San Francisco landmarks and I was curios abut Treasure Island...

    What is there to do at Treasure Island San Francisco and how do you actually get there?
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    hi there,

    The island can be reached by car, bus, or ferry, and cars and buses take the exit off the Bay Bridge, which is the bridge that connects San Francisco to Oakland. The Bay Bridge passes over Yerba Buena Island before continuing its span across the San Francisco Bay.

    The main draw to this island is the Treasure Island Music Festival which takes place in September and October, and features Hip Hop and Electronica acts on the first day, while on the second day is dedicated more to Indie and Rock performances.

    Hope this helps

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