Treepod Restaurant in Thailand

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    The Soneva Kiri resort in Thailand offers the best tree house experience and allows you to sit in a eucalyptus tree which is almost 16 feet above the rainforest. This resort is located in Koh Kood island which is one of the fabulous islands of Thailand. The high-hanging pod is located on the island of Koh Kood and provides many dining attractions. Waiters come in through a zipline and serve you fresh sea food & whatever you want food at this tree-top restaurant. Ferry and speedboat services are available to Koh Kood. There are many things to do here including water sports, spas, sailing, sea kayaking and more. There is no other better place than the Soneva Kiri resort across the world. So stay at Soneva Kiri and eat at hanging tree pods to experience the great selection of thrilling and fun-filled Thailand holidays.

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