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Discussion in 'Nepal' started by Neel, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Neel

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    Nepal is a landlocked country in Southern Asia, between China and India. It's a land of yaks and yetis, stupas and Sherpas, the best trekking on earth and backpackers Disneyland.
    We offers adventure activities, nature and cultural tours in Nepal, Peak climbing, trekking in nepal, mountain biking, Wildlife tours, whitewater rafting and overland tours.
  2. Andrew

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    Yes, of course Nepal is the finest destination for trekking, mountaineering and to experience the Himalayas tour, especially the Kathmandu Valley is the most popular place for Nepal trekking. I have visited Nepal 4 times and done short Nepal trekking twice around Kathmandu Valley. I felt the Rim trek was an easy one and it took me along the rims of the Kathmandu Valley providing fantastic views of snowy mountains. Nepal trekking is the most popular trek in the world and my the recent Nepal trekking experience is an unforgettable one:)
  3. DilbertPart2

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    I have never visited Nepal but always have wondered how to is it and if I am to trek
    I'd go for a short and easy trail. I would definitely try that Rim trek.

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