Trekking/Climbing in Bolivia advise

Discussion in 'Bolivia' started by remeriof, Aug 11, 2015.

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    Looking to climb and trek in Bolivia? I can tell you that for climbing you'll need a guide and gear from an agency in Bolivia, especially if you're looking to climb the Nevado Sajama volcano which is a tough cookie. Nevado Sajama is not for the faint of heart because of the high altitude and the extreme weather. Trekking isn't too bad in Bolivia and you can do this without problem in places like the Cordillera Real and the Yungas (El Choro or Takesi).
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    The most challenging climb one can do in Bolivia is climbing the Viewed from the Illimani mountain, which can be seen towering over the capital of La Paz. You definitely need to acclimatize in La Paz and other places at lower altitude such as Lake Titicaca, or the Island of the Sun, before you go off trekking or climbing.
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    Huayna Potosi is the easiest 6000m peak in the country and possibly the world. Rather than booking with an agency in La Paz (or any other cities), you are better off arranging your trips with local villagers since the guides of city tour agencies come from the villages nearby. By booking with locals you are putting money right into their hands.

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