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    Sapa maybe is the final stop or first start of your long trip in Vietnam depend where you begin in this country. It was incredibly picturesque, cool refresh air, and it's great to explore the nature. When you're travelling, don't miss trekking in there (the fact that you can't miss it because you must trekking if you want to pass the villages and hills to discover this land). I've received some experiences from tourists and ourself about adventure travel in Sapa. Those are precious things we can advise our guest and everyone here.

    1. Hire a guide
    If you want trekking easy and right way, find and hire a guide is the best choice. Many people think they don't need for saving money but in this case, hire a guide is really saving. He (or she) will be expert for you in everything in Sapa. Which food should you eat, or find a safe road to go and take photos easily,...You will save the time and be safer instead of try finding everything at a strange moutain by yourself.
    So where do we find guide? You should hire guide from travel office before going to Sapa instead of stay at Sapa and try to find a local person help you. Why? Just for your safe and be comfortable. Travel office is company, legal organisation and you can trust them, trust their guide, their tour. Don't find local people randomly, not sure about them, they are maybe not good in English and you need correct informations about your trip more than intuition.

    2. Only bring what you deem absolutely necessary
    Towels and bedding are not necessary. The accommodations in your tour is hotel or homestay in local house where local family understand tourists. They have all you need: mosquito net, warm blanket, fresh towels, clean bedsheets, etc... You need bring few canned foods, snack in case you can't eat local dishes or main meal come late. About drink, you on foot most of your time, bring double the water you think you'll use.
    Also, remember that the guide is not a porter and he's not going to carry your bag for you. Keep in mind, your bag may not feel heavy when you first try it in your room, but It'll get heavier as the day progresses.

    3. Sturdy shoes
    Luxury shoes wasn't born for Sapa trekking. Bring hiking shoes is a good choice if you're planning something longer than 2 day. You can bring a pair of flip flops to wear when you stop to relax or stay in your room. Don't use flip flop for trekking and hiking if you want to finish your trip with a sprained ankle.
    There are a lot of shops in Sapa you can rent trekking gear. Ask price clearly before rent them.

    4. Keep patience with touts
    You'll see many women of the Hmong follow you for hours to invite you buy something. Things started friendly with their English questions (they speak English very well although they've never learned before, better than what you can imagine). Maybe you will be shock, scare or be angry, but keep calm and continue your trip, you will realize that they just also have to earn for their life.

    5. Don't forget your camera and charge it
    The scenery in Sapa and the surrounding region is stunning so I'm sure you’ll want to bring your camera and that the battery is fully charged. Your photos from Sapa will be some of your favourite from your travels in Vietnam!

    Getting to Sapa:
    There are 2 easy ways get to sapa: by train or by bus and all of them have great price.
    Many tourists choice overnight in sleeping train because it's the most convenient way to get Sapa with comfortable cabin, or you can choice sleeping bus. Normal bus is not real good to get there, because you will have a long distance from Hanoi to Sapa, and you need to sleep well to be strong enough. Book Sapa tour 4 nights 3 days by train is just 146 USD/person for group tour include meals and English speaking guide, overnight homestay and hotel. See detail here:
    Spend your time for Sapa, it's deserved
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    If having an occasion to visit North Vietnam, you shouldn't miss Sapa where you will admire breathtaking views. Besides, Sapa has an interesting service called homestay services. This kind of service has the cheap price; you don't have to hire a hotel; instead, you stay at home of local people. The website of Sapa Trekking Homestay will give you specific information about this service.
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    Sapa Trekking Homestay is a a registered and security website specializing in providing travel information on Sapa and surroundings in the Northwest mountainous province of Lao Cai.

    It’s our aim to bring you a closer touch to the culture of colorful ethnic minorities in Sapa. Visit our site, you will have an panoramic view of Sapa, from culture to history, from land to people, from natural landscapes to historical relics… as well as the rapidly development of the resort town of Sapa in the increasing need of worldwide travelers.

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