tricky Bolivian weather

Discussion in 'Bolivia' started by DonaWeko, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. DonaWeko

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    Just to clear some confusion regarding weather temperatures in Bolivia around June time, it won't be summer but winter, though it doesn't snow there.

    In La Paz, the weather temperature around June (normally 6 degrees Celsius) isn't freezing cold but cold enough to wear a jumper, though when the sun is out it gets hot even in winter, which is mind-boggling. I'm told this is because Bolivia is near the equator...
  2. turtleninh

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    Most people get caught out and don't bring the right gear with them to Bolivia. People need to remember that even though Bolivia is as close to the equator as Tahiti and Hawaii, the weather in Bolivia is unpredictable because of Bolivia's high elevation above the sea level.
  3. Nouplo

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    Not only that but the temperature at night gets really cold any time of year, which drops well below freezing during the dry season (June, July and August). I recommend going to Bolivia either between April and June or September and November as weather is warm and doesn't rain as much.


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