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Discussion in 'Moldova' started by Cassius, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Cassius

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    do you guys have any suggestions for best way to explore in and around Chisinau? im planning a trip with girlfriend in March when weather is hopefully e bit warmer. Last trip to Europe was to Stockholm, which was great because of being able to cycle everywhere. I like the idea of renting bikes while in Chisinau? if not, what about buses and taxis?
  2. Jpeter

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    March should be ok but I'd travel in May if I were you. The weather is most definitely nicer in May, especially if you plan to explore the countryside. The outskirts of Chisinau boasts lost of wineries which you can get to by using local transport. Buses and taxis are two options and they're fairly inexpensive (between $3 and $6). I dont recommend biking because in Moldova there aren't designated lines for bikes...and car drivers in Moldova are kind of dangerous.
  3. shehata

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    more to Moldova than Chisinau

    you should definitley venture further out of Chisinau...don't spend all your time there as there's much more to Moldova than the capital. I suggest adding to your itinerary Cricova and Milestii Mici wine cellars (they're the biggest in Europe), Orheiul Vechi (ols ruins located near the villages of Trebujeni and Butuceni), and Ivancea Village (there, you will find a house/museum displaying interesting Moldovan handicrafts).
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    safety tips for Moldova

    Having traveled to many parts of Eastern Europe, I have to say that Moldova of one of my most memorable destinations in the region. You can really tell Moldavia's former Soviet past, though culturally and linguistically the country now leans more towards Romania. Much of Moldova is quite poor so muggings are a common thing...Tips I would share is to never carry too much cash on you but carry a debit card or a traveller's check instead and not to brag or be too loud.

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