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Discussion in 'Argentina' started by JMM2, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. JMM2

    JMM2 New Member

    we are looking to plan a trip to Argentina in late April and so far flight prices seem pretty expensive will be it be there once you get there? Hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc are they moderately priced?
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Flights to South America from oversees are always very expensive, so Argentina won't be any different. Once you get there, it's another story also. Most people assume that Argentina is a cheap country which it isn't!

    If you know where to eat, shop and stay, Argentina on a budget is possible but if you eat in touristy areas and stay where tourist do, expect to pay big bucks. It's like this in Argentina and anywhere in the world you go nowadays.

    I hope this brings it a little home so you're not mislead thinking that Argentina is as cheap as Thailand:)

    By the way, going to Argentina during the off-season (June-August) will make a different on flight ticket prices.
  3. jennychavez

    jennychavez New Member

    Although Argentina has become pricier, it’s still a great value, especially if you’re traveling on the euro or the pound.
  4. 09oplkiu

    09oplkiu New Member

    Argentina is probably the most expensive place in south America to travel but it can be done even on a tight budget. You will need to allocate your money to allow for buses and flights to get around....otherwise, Argentina might not be the place for you. Distances in Argentina are huge so buses are expensive and so are flights.

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